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      In 1976, the Muslim community of Nottingham helped to purchase land to construct the first purpose built mosque in Nottingham. With limited funds and a deep desire to seek the pleasure of Allah ~, the initial phase of the mosque was completed March of 1992. Humbly, the mosque continues to provide a range of essential services to meet the basic needs of the community.

      Our mission is to provide a life long learning and development opportunity, alongside addressing the social and spiritual needs of Muslims, helping them positively contribute towards the diverse Britain we live in today. Another great initiative is to provide awareness around health and fitness; we hope to achieve this through a fully equipped gymnasium and health and fitness classes.m osque2

      Working closely with Imams, teachers and community organisations, we aim to accommodate every aspect of the individual and community needs. With the backing of both the youth and elders, the centre has now embarked upon fulfilling this aspiration.

      By the grace of Allaah ~ and funding largely from the local community, this project is well under way. Alhamdulillaah, the ground and first floor shells are near completion and work is already underway on the second floor. We have already raised over £250,000 but are now in urgent need of generous donations and short term personal loans (qardh-e-hassana) to ensure the construction continues.

      This website will give you an insight into our program. Please find the time to go through it and be part of this blessed task.

      Jazakallah khair

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