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      Islamic Centre Nottingham (ICN) is dedicated to reviving the holistic approach of the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace). It is our belief that Islam offers a cohesive understanding of the world and praxis for it that is able to cut through the illusion of contemporary nihilism and materialism.

      With this in mind, ICN have established the Community Aid initiative. A social institution based on the Sunnah principles of the “Baitul Maal”. Baitul Maal, literally translate as the House of Money, denotes to the Islamic institution of public money (a central financial fund), in which money is collected from the wealthy and spent on the welfare of the needy in the local community.

      The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) started the Baitul Maal after the battle of Badr. Masjid-e-Nabi, served as the centre of collection and distribution for zakat and sadaqa.

      Zakat distribution has always had an order of preference, the first being relatives, the second is people of your locality. The latter is so strongly emphasized that in Sharia it is Makruh (highly undesirable) for Zakat monies to leave a city if there are people eligible for Zakat in the city.


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