• Islamic Studies Classes

      Islamic Centre Ethos

      The Islamic Centre is a charitable organisation, established to help fulfil the religious and educational needs of the local community.

      adultschildrenIt aims is to be an integral part of the community in acting as source of Islamic knowledge from which all ages can benefit. We aim to deliver religious and secular knowledge, allowing students to develop tools for learning that will see them be successful in this life and the hereafter. Insha’Allah.

      The educational faculty is be run by people committed to reviving time-tested methods of educating and transforming human beings. It is our belief that Islam offers cohesive understanding of the world and praxis for it that is able to cut through the illusion of contemporary nihilism and materialism.

      quran3We recognise ignorance as the greatest weapon of the dark forces working in the world and believe that the true knowledge is the only weapon to dispel that darkness. This is our struggle, and our efforts are directed at spreading the light and wisdom of prophetic truths everywhere and to all peoples. Our aim is to teach the tools individuals need in order to live lives of guidance and adherence to sacred order and to restore broad-based pluralistic and true scholarship to its proper place as a first priority of Muslims.


      Brief description of proposed courses

      Our courses will be based on the prophetic tradition and we aim to deliver a high standard of courses that will engage the students of today. The courses will be aimed at whoever wants to learn the sacred knowledge; no one will be discriminated due to their age, gender, ethnicity and religion.

      All courses are designed to be flexible and are studied on a part time basis; courses also will be modular allowing students to enrol on during any time of the year. Each course will be certified under the traditional mode of Ijazah, this will take two forms; a certificate to read the text and a certificate to teach the text. We make dua to Allah that He accepts our efforts in propagating the deen of Islam and following the path of the prophetic tradition.


      Courses on offer at the Islamic Centre

      The Absolute Essentials of Islam – Course code: AEI12
      Essentials of Quranic Tajweed –  Course Code: EQT66 
      Essentials of worship – Part 1 (Purification & Prayer) – Course Code: EWP11
      Essentials of Belief – (Based on the Matn of Imam Tahawi) – Course Code: EBT12
      Essentials of Belief – (Based on the Matn of Imam Nasafi) – Course Code: EBN99
      Essentials of Seerah – (Based on Qadi Iyad’s Ash Shifa)Course Code: ESQ12


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